Brisbane Park(ing) Day with Green Earth Group
19 Sep 2010

PARK(ing) Day was started in 2005 by Rebar to raise awareness about the lack of green spaces in San Francisco’s downtown. It transformed an on-street car park into a ‘people park’ by temporarily providing turf, seating and shade. It is based on the idea that paying for a parking meter is like ‘renting’ a public space

Since then it has been creatively adapted and sparked imaginations around the world and in 2008 there were over 200 PARKs in 50 major cities, including New York, London and Los Angeles. In 2008 Brisbane participated and featured 40 parks on the day, attracted many people and the media.

The PARKs are surprising, fun additions to the everyday street environments, and powerful symbols of placemaking and communities wanting to improve urban quality.
Brisbane PARK(ing) Day is all about 

  1. Calling attention to the importance for urban public spaces
  2. Rethinking the way we use our streets
  3. Creating diverse conversations about how we can make sustainable cities

Green Earth Group Inc is a not-for-profit charity group who aim to promote a better way of living - for us, for our animal friends and for our planet.
Green Earth group objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Education and information on more environmentally and ethically sustainable alternatives to our everyday living practices
  • Emphasis on the plant-based diet and on educating others about this lifestyle: the benefits for the individual, the animals and the planet
  • Working with schools and other groups to educate them to the benefits of taking responsibility for their own health as well as giving demonstrations to show the ease of adopting the plant-based diet
  • Working with other established groups that promote the above objectives to form an alliance

I was delighted to join Green Earth Group at the 2010 PARK(ing) Day. I had a great day hanging out with a lovely group of passionate vegans, handing out information and chatting to all the lovely people who stopped by. Here are a few pics from the day.


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